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Houston Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Labour Doula

Every birth matters and is important, whether it was a vaginal birth or cesarean section. Birthing your baby may happen vaginally or by cesarean: both take just as much courage and strength. 

Included in packages

 Last Minute Labor Support: $650 

VBAC Support: VBAC Childbirth Class, 1 Massage , Labor Support $950

 Standard:  Childbirth Class, Labor Support, 2 Pregnancy Massages $1200

  Premium: Childbirth Class, 2 pregnancy Massages, 1 Postpartum Massage, First 24 Hour Photography $1750

 Ultimate: Childbirth Class, 3 pregnancy Massage, labor support, Placenta Encapsuation, First 24 Hour Photography, Belly Binding, 1 Postpartum Massage and  1 (8Hour) Night Nurse $2250

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage

Massage during pregnancy not only keeps you comfortable but also serves many benefits for mom and baby. It can offer relief for neck, back, and sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, and round ligament pain. It increases circulation which reduces swelling, and stress. A healthy pregnancy is important for a healthy baby. 

Single Massages : 

1 Hr $115  |  1.5 Hr $140  |  2 Hr $185

Our Famous Postpartum Massage: $225 (2.5 Hour Massage) 

Relieves tension and muscle aches from labor.  Uses special deep tissue techniques to realign the body and return hips and ribs to their pre-pregnancy size.  Lymphatic Drainage relieves fluid retention.. Also, includes infant massage instruction 

Regular Postpartum Massage: $185 (1.5 Hours)  


2 One-Hour Massages: $215

2 One-Hour Massages & 1 Two-Hour Massage: $400

3 One-Hour Massages & 1 Two-Hour Massage: $515

6 One-Hour Massages & 1 Two-Hour Massage: $825

Placenta Encapsulation

Next Level Service

 Placenta Encapsulation - encapsulation is an easy and flavorless way to consume your placenta. The benefits of placental consumption include: decreased lochia flow, reduced risk of PPD and baby blues, reduced risk of postpartum hemorrhage, decreased risk of iron deficiency, increased milk supply, enriched milk supply, increased energy. I offer PE in either the TCM method or the raw foods method. I can also add a number of herbs to the capsules at no additional charge. PE includes pick up from your place of birth, encapsulation, and delivery within  72 hours of pick up.  

Placenta Chocolate Truffles - a yummy treat and great source for placenta!  Truffles can be rolled in coconut, cocoa powder, powered sugar.  1x day 

Price is $200